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“I get to work with other professionals who are specialists in their own fields”

Name: Jenni Kleemola
Location: Oulu
Title: Media Analyst
Degree: Master of Arts

I am Jenni Kleemola and part of Liana®Services unit. I have been working for Liana since September 2016.

After graduating in 2013 as a language teacher - with German Philology as a major and English as a minor subject - I naturally embarked on a teacher’s career. With a few years’ experience in the field of teaching, I started to feel I wasn’t drawn to that world like I should’ve been. In August 2016 I was offered another teaching job but I turned it down and started to look for something else instead - something where I could not only do my job but also feel more like myself while doing it.

My friend was at the time working at Liana (called Koodiviidakko back then) as an Information Specialist. She told me about the job and when there suddenly was an open position announcement I decided to apply for it and got the job! For about a year and a half, I worked as an Information Specialist maintaining and updating Liana’s databases of media contacts and media sources in European countries.

Starting from the beginning of 2018 I got the chance to start working on media monitoring projects and producing media analyses for our customers. This was a welcome development in my career at Liana: I had been hoping for some new challenges. This brings me to one of the things I love about working at Liana - to give employees the chance to take on new challenges and develop as professionals is really one of Liana’s key objectives.

My work tasks nowadays include making media analyses for our customers, helping our customers optimize their media monitoring to serve their needs or sending press releases on their behalf. I get to be in close contact with our customers and I get more precise feedback on my work - this helps me to develop in what I do.

Since the launch of our Liana®Services unit in November 2019, I have been more closely surrounded by other professionals who are specialists in their fields: search engine optimization, website building, UI and UX design, sales etc. People with different kinds of education and day-to-day work tasks brought together in one team is a richness in itself.

Of course, we all still have our own specialist fields but we also get to work together in projects where these fields overlap and learn from one another. And to top this - we also have a great team spirit! Our video chat coffee breaks during the long remote working period helped to keep the hope up and set a good mood for the day. Nothing else makes you happier at work than to see your supervisor speaking to you as a virtual potato on video calls.