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A newsletter highlights the hot topics of the day

Iltalehti is one of the largest tabloid magazines in Finland, reaching up to 2.3 million readers a week through its print and digital channels.

In addition to the print magazine, the web service and its own application, for several years Iltalehti has been offering its readers a free newsletter, aggregating the most important and interesting news of the day. The newsletter compiled by Iltalehti news editorial office is sent every morning and is especially aimed to busy readers who don't have time to browse the news online.

Service analytics shows satisfaction with the newsletter

Iltalehti changed it’s old newsletter service to Liana’s newsletter tool in spring 2018, and at the same time pictures were added the layout of the letter. Readers are happy with renewed newsletter, which can also be seen in Liana’s service statistics:

  • The number of newsletter subscribers has almost doubled during a year
  • The average opening rate (OR) is over 25% and click-through rate (CTR) over 8%
  • The newsletter has 300-500 new subscribers a week through organic traffic alone
  • Newsletter subscriptions are rarely cancelled
The fact that we get hundreds of newsletter subscribers a week without separate campaigning indicates that there is a clear need for our newsletter.
Margarita Helsinki
Digital Marketing Manager, Iltalehti
Personal contact person, personal service

Since other units of Iltalehti’s owner, Alma Media, were also using Liana’s email marketing service, it was easy to start using the same newsletter service.

Iltalehti team has been particularly satisfied with their Liana contact person, who knows the customer’s needs and is always easy to call in any situation.

The benefit of having your own contact person is that they don’t need to be told the background of the customer relationship each time, but they can quickly advise you using the service and give tips on how to improve your operations.

The best thing about Liana’s email marketing service is your own contact person who knows our product and what tools we use, and also understands our goals for using the service.
Margarita Helsinki
Digital Marketing Manager, Iltalehti
Towards future

Iltalehti newsletter has already tens of thousands of subscribers, but in the future the subscriber base is strived to be growing even more by using multichannel content marketing.

At the same time, Iltalehti wants to maintain the good quality of the newsletter. Open and click rates of the letters are constantly monitored are writers are exploring what kind of headlines and contents interest the readers most. Readers' views and opinions on the letters will also be further explored through reader surveys to ensure that the newsletter contents meets the needs of the readers as well as possible.


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