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Positive customer communications with Liana's email marketing solution

Keravan Energia is a local energy company selling electricity throughout whole Finland. The company's electricity and district heating networks reaches from Kerava to Sipoo. Keravan Energia started to use Liana's email marketing solution at the end of 2016 to launch customer communications through email marketing. As the company hadn't done email marketing before, the project was started by collecting subscriber registries.

Developing customer communications

The main reason for Keravan Energia to start email marketing was to increase and maintain the organisation's reputation and awareness. 

Typically energy companies contact their customers only when sending invoices, but Keravan Energia wanted to inform customers about other aspects as well. Email marketing was considered as a good alternative to printed customer magazines, which are not that popular anymore.

Increasing the subscriber register

Since Keravan Energia didn’t have any subscriber registers for email marketing, subscribers were first collected via the company's website and a direct marketing campaign. A targeted print campaign used lotteries and promotions as a lure. Keravan Energia also added newsletter subscription possibilities to their electricity contract form, so cusomters could subscribe easily. 

Keravan Energia managed to gather a wide email marketing register in a few months by using those marketing channels to collect subscribers. 

Leads and coversions

Two years after starting email marketing for the first time, one third of Keravan Energia’s customers subscribe to the company's newsletter. Newsletters improve in terms of opening and click rates every month and keep on bringing in new leads and conversions. Nowadays, email marketing is the most important channel for Keravan Energia to generate leads, right after Google Ads marketing.

Future plans

“In the future, we intend to develop our newsletter communications, especially when it comes to contents, and also make our activities more systematic”, says Outi Heistman, marketing manager of Keravan Energia.

Keravan Energia will continue the cooperation with Liana Technologies. The company feels that Liana has always provided customer service quickly and professionally when needed. The email marketing tool has also proved its worth as messages sent through it have always been well received.

The cooperation with Liana has been flexible and our questions have always been answered quickly.
Outi Heistman
Marketing Manager, Keravan Energia Oy

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