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Marketing Automation

Email marketing for car dealerships

AW Rostamani Group operates a portfolio of twelve companies of multinational brands in seven diverse sectors. Arabian Automobiles is the flagship company of AW Rostamani in the automotive sector and the sole distributor of Nissan Cars and Genuine Nissan Parts in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Solving the marketers’ dilemma

One of the challenges that the Nissan marketing team faced was combining the data from different channels and utilizing it to its full potential. Here is where Liana's email marketing solution came into play: it was used to segment the data that Nissan collects from multiple various channels, such as newsletters, social media, showroom visitors, CRM entries, and others.

This way, the car dealer could easily keep track of their customer data and utilize it to its full potential.

"One of the greatest advantages of our email marketing tool is its smooth segmenting features and comprehensive ROI."
Tomi Saikkonen
Vice President, Liana Technologies, Middle East

Targeted email marketing in the automotive industry

As a result, Nissan created the segment of prospects exhibiting low engagement in the last six months. The idea was to send a highly relevant message to this segment to drive their interest. Thus, Nissan sent two emails promoting special offers to these prospects. "With targeted email campaigns, we increased the number of customers who visit the Nissan Showroom with a higher purchase intent." – AAC Marketing Team

Results of the targeted email campaigns

The two campaigns created a huge rush among qualified prospects:

  • 1,700 subscribers submitted their interest
  • 88 people walked into the Nissan Showroom
  • 69 car proposals were sent
  • 7 cars were sold